Sunday, December 5, 2010

vroom, vroom

My nephew, Gavin, turned two this week. 

I've been wanting to try to make a car roll-up for a little while. Now I had my chance!

What a great place to drive your cars!

I was a little nervous about the track. I didn't follow any instructions on that part. To up the stakes a little more, I didn't start making it until yesterday morning ~ and the party was at one. Greg smelled potential melt-down disaster. Fortunately, I pulled through on this one with only a few pin pricks and no tears.

When he's all done, he can park them in the "garage."

Gavin loved it. Wendy loved it. We even caught some of the older kids (jr. highers) playing with it.

All done? Park your cars and roll it up. Perfect storage for an on-the-go play item.


Danny and Paulette said...

Can you make me a full-sized one with real cars in it? Mercedes - Bentley - Corvette - Camaro - etc. Thanks.

Carpool Queen said...

DO I HAVE TO BE UBER CRAFTY TO DO THIS?????? Starring this post for when I get my sewing machine.