Saturday, July 23, 2011

learn to sew

It's on the kids' summer list.

Two Christmases ago, we bought Stephanie and Heather this teeny sewing machine because I had the bright idea to teach them how to sew.

Then I got scared. There might be fighting. Crying. Not listening.

So the box sat under my sewing table. Until now.

Yesterday, I pulled up my big girl panties and got the machine out for them.

The air was electric and giddy as I set up the machine and figured out how this little guy worked. We started with a very simple project (tissue cozy) to get used to the idea of ironing, seam allowance, backstitching, etc.

They were both very patient as they waited their turn. Heather ironed first, so Stephanie sewed first.

When she finished the last stitch, Stephanie was pretty proud of herself.

They are learning that sewing takes patience, concentration, and good eye-hand coordination.

This machine is rinky dink, I tell you. I almost marched it right out to the trash can before we even started. It was difficult for me to work with. When I texted Greg with my frustrations, he might have called me a sewing machine snob. Hmpf!

So what if I am?

Since the kids have no prior experience on a machine, they did not find it as frustrating as I did, however. At one point Stephanie even said, "This is easy!" The little machine can stick around a little bit. Maybe they can work up to a more legit machine by Christmas.

Heather was very surprised at one point during her stitching.

And found herself introduced to the seam ripper. Twice.

And we have a finished product. They were so proud of their cozies and so was their mama. We had a great time getting to the finish!

When we were all done, Heather said, "What are we sewing tomorrow?"


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Suzanne said...

How cute! They did a wonderful job.... They can make Christmas presents for friends and family! Everyone could use a tissue holder!