Tuesday, July 12, 2011

new shop item

When Greg was on vacation and we took the kids and their friends to the indoor amusement park, Stephanie's friend carried a little drawstring backpack with her wallet, phone, etc. inside. It was perfect because it was smallish like a purse tweens like to carry, as well as being hands free.

While cute enough, it was just a solid color. And it had no inner pockets.

That got me thinking.

And that got me making.

So here we have the drawstring backpacks that are kid/tween/teen sized. They are kid/tween approved as well. With each one I make Stephanie and Heather claim that one is the one they want.

These drawstring backpacks are great for trips to the amusement park {well, of course}, the mall, the beach, or the pool. They can be used to tote P.E. clothes to and from school. Really, they are wonderful for anytime you need to carry something, but don't want to bother with a purse or regular-sized bulky backpack.

Check out those glasses! They both have the same pair. Who could say no to them when they were on sale at Old Navy for a dollar & change!

You can find these adorable drawstring backpacks in the shop right now.

All six of them.

Unless you don't hurry.

And someone beats you to them.

Each one is lined with something fun inside and there are pockets!

Here's a peek at what I couldn't resist yesterday. I went for a specific fabric, which they were out of, and came home with all this instead.


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