Saturday, July 2, 2011

instafriday - saturday version

life rearranged

What? Today is Saturday? 

I know. I didn't get to Instafriday yesterday. But here we are today. This week I used the same filter on all my Instagram photos ~ Earlybird. I think it might be one of my favorites.

It's no secret I iron a.l.o.t! I cannot stand to wear unironed clothes. I also iron everyone else's clothes in the house too. I am also a firm believer that an iron is a secret weapon in sewing. You can just imagine how often that baby is plugged in! My iron has been leaking for months and months. But it still worked and it was a fancy Rowenta so I dealt. This week Greg took it apart to see if he could fix it.


Irons aren't really meant to be taken apart. 

Greg was going on an errand so I printed out the description of an acceptable iron and told him my must-haves in an iron in case Target didn't have the one I picked.

He and the kids picked this one out for me. A Rowenta PROFESSIONAL! He decided that with the vast amounts of ironing I do, I must be considered a professional. 

Let me just say ~ it's awesome!

Greg is on vacation this week. Instead of going out of town, we've been having a little staycation here at home. We took the kids and a friend each to a nearby place with some indoor rides. This picture was just after a ride that turns the suckers riders upside down and pauses before setting in motion again. No thanks. I just watched. If I'm going upside down, it's gotta be at high speeds. The ride with two loops and corkscrews was more my speed. 

Easy and cool summer dinner ~ egg salad sandwiches.

I'm working on more craft show things. These are button bookmarks. 

This is the dishwasher ~ on it's backside ~ in the garage. Fortunately these are meant to be taken apart and Greg was able to fix it ~ saving us hundreds of dollars. He's my hero!

He had to go get a part for it and when he got home I told the kids that the part wouldn't be available for a week, which meant they'd have to hand wash all the dishes until then. I was having a hard time keeping a straight face during the charade. Much to my surprise they looked at each other, hoorayed, and said that it would be fun. 


Not exactly the reaction I was expecting.

Later that evening when they were using the dishwasher we asked them about hand washing. We were told that that would only be fun if the dishwasher were actually out of commission for a week. Since it's available, it's no longer fun. 

Greg said he could unplug it for them. 



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