Tuesday, August 30, 2011

tales from the schoolyard

  • School started yesterday and I am wiped out! This always happens the first week of school. I nearly fell asleep at my desk after school grading papers today. 
  • My feet hurt because of new shoes.
  • The kids got blisters from their new shoes.
  • Cute new shoes can be a rough deal ~ but oh, so cute.
  • The kids were so excited to start school. The excitement is not waning.
  • Stephanie is a pro now at this middle school gig. 7th grade. Wow!
  • Heather is in 4th grade. Like me. But not in my class. Her teacher is on maternity leave until October. Heather is not happy about that, although she does like the sub.
  • Moving back to 4th grade has been a positive experience so far.
  • They get my jokes and twisty sense of humor.
  • My class seems sweet and so far they are behaved. Good behavior will continue because it's what I expect.
  • The one child whom I was most afraid of having in my class just may turn out to be a favorite. Go figure.
  • Students from last year have the good sense to come say hi to me and tell me they miss me. 
  • There are first day pictures of the kids. So adorable. I'll post them this weekend.

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