Sunday, December 2, 2007

deck the halls

Decking the halls seems to be happening in stages this year. Wait, it happens like that every year. Just once I'd like to finish the same day we start! Anyway, last weekend we pulled all the Christmas decorations down, put up the tree, and started putting out other decorations. Last night the kids put the ornaments on the tree. They started with their own special yearly ornaments, then moved to the regular ones. Except for the ones I put up high for them, they really did most of the work themselves. 

Heather chooses the spots for her ornaments very carefully. Since the tree rotates, she has to make a decision and get it on the branch quickly. 

Stephanie is showing me the ornament she got last year to commemorate going to her first Nutcracker ballet. They love to look at their own ornaments and talk about why they have them. Heather's ornament from last year was a mini book of the Polar Express to commemorate our trip on the Polar Express train. I wonder what ornaments we will find for them this year. 

All done!

Yesterday included playing outside for a long time while Greg worked in the back yard, going to a friend's house while Greg & I went to my school Christmas party, then putting the ornaments on the tree. The kids were absolutely tuckered out and fell asleep while we were watching tv. I love this picture because it also shows the true bond that they have with each other. Although they bicker and argue at times ~ who are we kidding, it's daily ~ they are truly best friends and can't stand to be separated. 

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