Saturday, December 15, 2007

a star is born

This is not a Halloween costume!  Stephanie is in drama club at school this year and she was in her first production with an audience of more than 20 parents (2nd grade class play last year). She played the part of a toy (Minnie Mouse) at the toy store in Christmas on Angel Street.  She didn't have any spoken lines, but sang and danced in one number. Not a bad breakthrough onto the big drama stage.

Since she has dance recitals on the big stage at the University once a year, this was a piece of cake for her really. She was quite worried for weeks beforehand because she felt no one knew the steps and words well enough. She wanted it to be perfect. It went off without a hitch, though. 

What a cutie in her costume! After an evening performance and two school assemblies she'd had enough of the head gear that wouldn't stay on straight. 

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