Sunday, December 23, 2007

just when I thought I was done

I finished Christmas shopping last night (don't be jealous). I went grocery shopping EARLY this morning. I needed to get groceries for a dessert to take to Grandma Smith's today, groceries for Christmas dinner, plus general weekly groceries. In my cart I added flour and powdered sugar, because I was pretty sure I was near out. I could barely see over my cart as I steered the unruly beast toward the check stand, just missing two old ladies. Luck was with me, as a smiling clerk directed me toward her lane with no waiting. Woohoo! Back at home I was going to start a batch of my traditional pumpkin bread before getting in the shower. I needed more sugar in the canister ~ no worries ~ except there was none in the pantry. I counted two and half bags of flour, plus the new one on the counter. I counted five boxes of powdered sugar, plus the new one on the counter. BUT NO SUGAR!  So much for multi-tasking. Unless you know of any yummy confection I can make with flour and powdered sugar only, this means one more trip to the store just when I thought I was done.

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