Monday, June 1, 2009

terrorizing the household

Look at her...

acting all sweet and innocent! HA! She's spent the last few days trying to terrorize all of us. No one is safe.

Friday afternoon she had a dentist appointment to get sealants. When she was done she made a beeline to the toy bin as I was telling her, "No sticky stuff." They love to get the sticky hands and eyeballs, which drive me nuts. They leave a greasy residue, then end up with carpet hair all over them. Ew. Then I am forced to throw them away. Oh darn.

She rummaged around for a few seconds and out emerged Liz. Heather held up this little lizard with a gleam in her eye and an announcement that it was not a sticky one. I laughed and we walked on.

Since then, she had tried to get all of us with this little plastic monster. She put it on Greg's pillow, but then was too impatient and showed him before he could find it on his own. She hid it in the cereal box she thought Greg was going to choose. He picked a different cereal & she had to fish it out of the cereal. She put it on the stair wall, hoping to scare me. I walked right by it completely oblivious. She finally did succeed a little bit when she left it under Greg's pillow. He found it in the middle of the night and announced so the next morning. And who knows the countless times she's tried to get Stephanie.

She's tried so hard this weekend to get us with that little green guy. Even when she doesn't succeed in scaring us, she laughs and shows us how she tried. For her, I think half the fun is trying.

Yesterday she informed me that she found Liz a friend in the black hole toy box. Meet Lizzie.

Who knows what terrors await us!

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