Friday, July 3, 2009

little bits of random

I went to my favorite quilt store to buy more of this because I am a total dork so skilled at reading a pattern, altering a pattern in my head, plus calculating enough fabric for another project that has no pattern. The lady who tried to help me figure out how much I needed recognized me. We both missed the part on the pattern where it said 'cut 4' and both assumed it said 'cut 2'. Sheesh.

While I was there this fabric jumped in my arms. I really did try to walk by all the pretty fabric while heading straight for the stripes. But my head seriously snapped to the side when I saw this out of the corner of my eye. One store lady teased me when I stood there and held the owl fabric for a while. She asked me if I needed it cut or did I just want to snuggle it for a while. Oh, she gets me.

When I was getting it cut, the lady asked me what I was going to make with it. Dunno. We'll worry about that later.

The kids and I washed the car yesterday. It may or may not have been raining a little while we were doing it. If our just-graduated-high-school-and-oh-so-cool neighbor saw us she probably thought we were nuts. No biggie ~ I just pulled it into the garage to dry it.

Greg was a happy boy when he came home to find me spooning this delicious goodness onto a cookie sheet.

We have another new neighbor. This little chick has been hanging around our porch and grass area. He has apparently fallen out of the nest. The neighbor guy told me when I was outside in my pajamas (that's right ~ I have class) taking the picture that he put this birdie and his brother back in our tree the other day. Clearly the two have no spacial skills and can't tell where the edge of the nest ends. He alternates between the grass and our front porch. Hopefully the nasty cat down the street doesn't find him.

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Amber said...

That owl fabric is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my whole life. That is precious.

And I have the same problem. I stand and snuggle ribbon. I don't do anything with them, I just think they are pretty. Weird. I know.