Monday, July 20, 2009


Our little family was the last to arrive at the beach house a couple of weeks ago. During a scrumptious Spaghetti & Co. dinner we looked around and realized we, meaning the adults, were outnumbered. Wendy & Chris brought two of their neighbor kids, which made a total of 8 kids and 7 adults. We chuckled about that fact and was pretty sure we could handle ourselves ~ one of them is a baby for goodness sakes!

Petting manta rays at Sea World. I'm trying to muscle my way in so the girls can reach.
Move it woman, I'm not afraid to use this hiney!

A few days later during lunch at Sea World, one of the boys exclaims that there are more kids than adults. To which Chris wisely replied, "Andrea is outnumbered every day. She's not afraid of you."

I laughed and told him that she was right. Then I thought for a moment about that. I am outnumbered on a daily basis ~ 18 to 1. They could really take me out if they wanted to. Good thing they don't.


Suzanne said...

At least one person realizes another challenge of being a teacher! he girls outfits are so stinkin' cute!

Danny and Paulette said...

I put the 2nd picture of this blog on my computer as wallpaper. I love seeing the kids enjoying the moment. Thanks for making room for them.