Tuesday, July 14, 2009

this is the life

This is the life, isn't it? Walking along the beach barefoot at sunset with your sister and your cousin. Not a care in the world. What more do you need?

I sat down at the computer this morning to find this picture as the wallpaper on the computer and was reminded of the story that happened just after Greg snapped this picture. One evening, at sunset obviously, Greg took his camera and tripod down close to the water to get some wave/beach shots. All of the kids in the beach house followed him. There were seven plus the baby. The baby did not follow him. This was the case all week. Anytime anyone went remotely close to the water, they were followed by wave loving children. Sometimes they got wet even after they just showered all the salty sand off of them. Sometimes they restrained themselves.

This particular night they were restrained and did not get wet (maybe?). Anyway, the girls headed off toward the nearby lifeguard station. They climbed up the ladder and sat on the deck. Oh, I should tell you, I did not follow Greg to the water. So I was watching this action from my perch on the porch. I actually missed the girls walking over to the lifeguard station. As I was counting heads (as mothers and teachers often do) I noticed the girls were missing. Scanning the nearby areas, it looked like they might be on the life guard station.

Next thing I see is Heather sprinting across the beach toward Greg. We all know that sprinting on the sand is no easy feat, but she was giving it her best. I looked back to the lifeguard station and now can surely see Stephanie and Gianna on the deck. Heather talks to Greg and points back to the station. Gianna was stuck. Some of the older kids followed Heather to help get Gianna down.

Like I said, what more do you need than a sunset, a beach, bare feet, and your sister & cousin ~ plus some other cousins to help you out.

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Amber said...

I love the beach.

I am truly at peace there.

But I'm pretty sure that getting stuck in a lifegaurd station would destroy my peace.