Thursday, August 12, 2010

as promised

I'm excited to add some new items to my store! I've been working on things that are perfect for teachers ~ lanyards and wristlet key fobs. What? You're not a teacher? Well, I bet you know one or two. These make perfect gifts for a very reasonable price.

But wait! These aren't just for teachers. People in many different professions wear lanyards these days. They are perfect for holding ID badges, not to mention keys. I made two different kinds. These are all patchwork and are about 1.25" wide.

These are more narrow, at about three quarters of an inch wide, and have a lobster claw clasp.

Gorgeous fabrics, right? You might need a few of them, you know, to match different outfits.

Lanyards just aren't your thing? Well, these wristlet key fobs might be just the ticket for you. It easily slips onto your wrist so you can keep your keys handy, but your hands free. Plus with these cheerful fabrics, it's not likely to get lost in your purse!

Head on over to the shop to check out all the options available. And as usual, I'll add more as I make them.

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Carpool Queen said...

Adorable! I always love the fabric combinations you use. They're fresh and fun.

PS - We opened the peach/apricot jam this morning for the first time.