Friday, August 6, 2010

beading with grandma

The kids have been showing and interest in making jewelry lately. I spent some time with beads and such a while back, but my experience is really limited. So we called on an expert to help us. Grandma Smith accepted the challenge.

But first Grandpa Smith took us ladies out to lunch at the club. Ok, well, maybe it wasn't a club. But it felt like one and has the most beautiful view of our city. And there was a golf course somewhere nearby. On our way, the children declared that when they retire they are going to live in that area of town and be close to Grandma and Grandpa Smith. So sweet.

Then we spent the afternoon learning how to make these gorgeous bracelets while Grandpa napped in front of the t.v. So pretty and delicate. These were so much easier to make than I had imagined. Heather did the light blue and Stephanie did the pink. When we showed Greg, he was sufficiently impressed with our mad beading skillz.

I made mine with a darker, almost turquoise blue, but while burning the end of the string, the main string accidentally got severed as well. Oops. I am going to have to redo mine. No worries ~ now I'll be really good at it.

I'm pretty sure that when we have lunch with Suzanne today and go shopping at Joann's I'll be coerced sweet talked into buying some more beading supplies.


Carpool Queen said...

I have specifically not entered into the beading frenzy because I know my propensity for getting crazy about stuff.

It's good to know your limits.

Suzanne said...

I would like to put my order in now! :) They are so cute!