Wednesday, August 11, 2010


When I make smoothies for Greg's breakfast in the morning, I usually make extra for the kids to have for breakfast as well. Our smoothies are pretty basic ~ yogurt, milk, bananas (2 because Greg likes it extra banana-ish), and frozen fruit (berries). The kids keep telling me how great it would be if I made them with ice cream instead of yogurt. I agree, but that's not flying for breakfast unless it's for the mommy ~ not that I've eaten ice cream for breakfast before! Shhh.

So the other day, the smoothie was straight up strawberry banana since we had used all of the mixed berries. I hear Heather very excitedly tell Stephanie that mommy used ice cream this time. She informed her that not only did it taste like it, but there was an empty ice cream container in the trash. Heather squealed. Stephanie squealed. And they both ran downstairs to devour the delicious smoothie they believed to be ice cream filled.

Fooled them.

Later that afternoon when the subject came up again, I kept up the farce came clean. I told them that it was indeed only yogurt in their smoothie and the reason the empty ice cream carton was in the trash was because Greg and I had ice cream before bed the night before.

From the looks on their faces, I'm not sure which miffed them the most ~ the fact that they had a regular smoothie (that was reportedly scrumptious enough to pass for the ice cream kind) or that we had ice cream without them the night before.

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Carpool Queen said...

HAAA - We always eat the good stuff after the kids go to bed. They've caught on to us and now will get out of bed to check what they're missing.