Thursday, June 30, 2011


Greg and I are blessed to have

That being said, we've been a little frustrated lately about their reluctance to do their chores and the attitude that inevitably comes along with it. Every once in a while, they will bust out some chores with a great attitude. But daily? Notsomuch.

The other day when they were getting the chores-are-here-to-stay-so-get-used-to-it lecture, an idea dawned on me. I decided to help them change their perspective. We had just gotten home from somewhere and had seen the familiar woman begging for money on the freeway off ramp. The people we see asking for money bother the kids ~ they feel bad for them.

So I told the girls that doing dishes is a privilege because that means they just had a nourishing meal.

Helping out around the house is a privilege because that means we have a nice place to sleep.

They should be happy they get to fold their laundry because that means they have clean clothes.

I pointed out that the woman they just saw would be glad to *have to* do her chores because that would mean she had a house. Instead of grumbling, they should be glad that they *get to* do their chores.

I told them since God has seen fit to give their parents jobs that pay for a house, clothes, food, and extras that they should be thankful to do their part to help out.

Let's face it, chores are not glamorous, but I'm hoping this changes their perspective a little bit.

Then I started thinking that maybe the next time I'm about to grumble about something, I should look at the other side of it & change my perspective too.

Try it next time you are feeling like being a little grumbly. Let's see what happens!


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