Sunday, February 14, 2010

are they clean or dirty?

When I did the dishes all by myself, I always knew whether the dishes were clean or dirty. If someone needed something out of the dishwasher they'd ask, "Are these clean or dirty?"

Then I got dish helpers on a regular basis.

Things got confusing.

Are they clean or dirty?

So Stephanie made this sign to hang up with a magnet. The other side says clean. Funny that she did that, because I had been working on an idea in my head for a solution to the problem. Her solution was the same basic idea as the one rattling around in my head.

It rattled around in there for some time because I was busy with Christmas and Heather's birthday. And this and that.

Today, I made a clean and dirty magnetic sign for the dishwasher. The problem I see with most clean/dirty dishwasher magnets is that one word is on the top and the other is upside down. What if the magnet slides during door opening and closing & the words are sideways. It doesn't leave a clear message about the cleanliness of the dishes. With the idea that Stephanie and I had, it's pretty clear.

Just flip it over. The magnet is sandwiched in between the fabric.

Why hog all this dishwasher goodness to myself? I made some for the shop too.

Now, I've helped as much as I can. You'll just have the train the dishwasher emptier and the dishwasher filler at your house to change the sign as necessary. You're kinda on your own there.

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