Wednesday, February 24, 2010

happy birthday to you

The other day I mentioned I sent off some birthday gifts. I can now share them with you. I made these fun silverware holders for Kim. Maybe their sheer cuteness will soften the blow that they are nearly two months late. 

They match a set of black leather place mats they have, as well as some place mats that I made them before.

Boys can be tough to craft for, but I found a great tutorial for this toddler drawstring backpack. I want to be the aunt that makes the coolest things ever ~ not the one who sends inappropriate gifts of bunny costumes! Now Carter can carry all of his treasures around the house or on errands. 

You can visit Noodlehead for the tutorial. I didn't repurpose khaki pants like she did. I just used some canvasy material.


Carpool Queen said...

I keep coming back every day to get beat about the ears with my uncraftiness.

It's a disease.

You are so dang talented!

Paulette and Danny said...

INAPPROPRIATE GIFTS OF BUNNY COSTUMES????? It's a good thing Christmas has passed, or you wouldn't get away with that comment. In fact, Greg should sit you all down and make you watch "A Christmas Story" again - WITHOUT POPCORN!!!