Tuesday, February 16, 2010

betcha didn't know - premier episode

Amber is hosting Betcha Didn't Know... at her place today. In celebration and collaboration of all things random ~ here we go!

Betcha didn't know...

**I was child-free this weekend because the little people went to Disneyland with Grandma & Papa. I should have accomplished all sorts of miraculous things around the house. I didn't.

**Instead I finished the last three-quarters of yet another book.

**I also cleared out the Tivo lineup by watching several hours worth of programming. Need to make room for Olympic recording, you know.

**I did finish my nephew, Carter's, birthday present. His birthday was last week. I packed it all up with his mommy's birthday present to mail today. Her birthday was in December. I will completely understand if I have been disowned. I did have the forethought to take pictures of what I made. I'll show you after they receive them.

**I forgot to take pictures of the hands-free kindle holder Danny requested I make for him. Greg says it's a man bag. All I know is that Danny seemed quite excited to finally get it. He probably was just missing his kindle that I've had for so long.

**I hardly stepped foot in the kitchen this weekend unless it was to pour a Dr. Pepper into my empty glass. Greg said I didn't have to cook. I only cooked breakfast on Sunday and dinner on Monday.

**Speaking of television (up there a few items, remember?), I'm hooked on Vampire Diaries. I know ~ so teenagerish. And I can't wait until Glee comes back on the tube. What can I say ~ I am completely unwilling to act my age.

**Since my kitchen hiatus is over, I'm off to make dinner. I'm making a new recipe tonight. If it turns out well you might hear about it. If it's a disaster, we will speak no more of this new recipe. It has Italian sausage in it. How could it go wrong?

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