Friday, February 5, 2010

it appears i am an open book

Apparently you are not so much a curious bunch! Greg said I must have given all the goods away already and you know all about me.

Alright. Fine.

From now on, mum's the word.

But let me just answer these two for now:

Danny wants to know: Our governor has turned his back on you teachers yet again. If there is a pay cut will it affect you this year, or are you contracted for your current salary and safe until next year? And thanks for the nice picture with no blood 'n stuff.

Yes, the governor has turned his back on us. While I do not wish to discuss politics and such, I will say he is a butthead (and sometimes I am an 8-year old child, apparently). Good news. I am contracted for my current salary and should be safe until the next school year. Then? Well, who knows.

CPQ wants to know: Do you set aside crafting time each week or do you just craft when the inspiration fairy hits you?

In my head I do set aside time constantly to craft. I always have lofty plans for how much I'm gonna get done and how quickly. Unfortunately my big head doesn't check with my tired body first. While I'm at work I think to myself that I will go home early, get dinner cooked and eaten, then spend the rest of the evening doing something mighty crafty. Something about that couch gets a hold of me and after dinner I sit slack-jawed and nearly drooling until Greg declares it time for bed. So when I'm working, I don't craft as much as I'd like. Most of my crafting really happens on the weekends and on track break. That being said, I'm in a dry spell right now. I have lots of ideas in my head, but no mojo in my hands. Even a wide open weekend or two lately hasn't seen a crafty me. So, I guess that would constitute following the muse of the inspiration fairy. Where has she been hiding? I do have to get a couple of things done in the next little while here, so she better find her way home soon.

There you have it, all you inquiring minds.

Now, I think I need to go reintroduce myself to my sewing machine.


Carpool Queen said...

Sometimes I lose the crafting mojo for weeks, and then when it hits, I ignore all else for three days straight until I finish my project.

But I'm just a pretend crafter, not a real one like you.

I can aspire, can't I?

Anonymous said...
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