Saturday, June 26, 2010

elephants, tigers, and clowns ~ oh my!

We celebrated Father's Day with a trip to the circus. The kids have never been to the circus before and we decided it was high time.

Before the circus starts, they let you visit the animals out back. The baby elephant was sooo cute! He was trying to be really patient with the handler who was passing out the grapes, but you could tell he just wanted to snarf the whole bag to himself ~ forget his mama standing by.

After the seeing the animals, we headed inside for the pre-show on the circus floor. This clown's mannerisms reminded me so much of Stephanie's teacher!

We were all awed by the motorcycle riders in the spherical cage.  At one point there were seven of them in there! The girls were impressed at the end they rode out to take their bows and pulled off their helmets. One of the riders revealed her long, blonde hair. That's right ~ a girl. Let's face it, I was pretty impressed too. 

We also loved the trampoline stunts. Their movements were so fluid and looked effortless.

Oh, and there was a big stink during the performance. Quite literally! One of the biggest elephants decided to relieve himself in the center ring in the middle of his act. He pooped and peed for so long I thought it would never end. Ever. We laughed and laughed. The dog who was supposed to escort him, by lead rope, out of the ring refused to have anything to do with him and ran away. 

After the circus, Greg was talked into a Joann's shopping trip. Grin. It was really nice of Greg to do things for the rest of us on his special day. To reward him, we all took a nap when we got home. 

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