Wednesday, June 16, 2010

how i saved my alfredo

The kids love fetuccine alfredo, especially Stephanie. Not wanting to keep making it from the packet or the jar (totally unnecessary preservatives) I found a recipe that is pretty easy. However, not so quick. Once you get it going, it simmers for 30 minutes. Honestly, I don't know if this is the norm or not ~ but it tastes so good.

Anyway, last night Mr. Al Fredo was coming to dinner. I decided to spend my 30 minute wait time on the treadmill so I instructed Stephanie to stir it periodically and turn off the heat when the timer was done. I'm certain she did as she was told just fine, but for some reason when I was done there was kindergarten paste in the pot. It didn't look or smell burnt so I continued on with the meal. When the pasta was done cooking, I added a few ladles of pasta water into the sauce until the sauce was back to the desired consistency and said a little prayer to the cooking gods.

Once the sauce was mixed with the noodles and the sliced, grilled chicken was on top, you never would have known the difference. It looked and tasted just the same as it normally does. Whew!

So next time your sauce looks like you could do an art project with it, don't give up just yet. Add some sort of liquid ~ pasta water, broth, milk, water ~ whatever makes sense with the sauce and the rest of the dinner.

P.S. The girls and I added peas to our bowls and it tasted quite nice. Greg turned his nose up at that culinary delight.

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