Thursday, July 15, 2010

another thirteen thursday

  1. And because I thought the last one was hard to fill, I thought I'd try it again. Practice makes perfect, right?
  2. I read two books in three days this past weekend. Awesome!
  3. That means I am more on track with my year-long goal that I was at this point for the last thirteen Thursday. 
  4. Since I have so much time to lounge around on the couch reading books, that must mean that school is out for the summer. Yes! 
  5. It is a loose goal of mine to spend five four three two days a week in my pajamas. I'm totally willing to accept a higher number, however. 
  6. I should probably mention that I am in my pajamas as we speak. 
  7. I've been reading all over blogland how crafters are getting ready for fall craft shows ~ Halloween & Christmas. I saw some really cute Halloween fabric at the quilt store last week. Really? Already? It's still hot out! Actually, I'm already thinking in that direction ~ I just haven't moved in that direction so much. I did just finish a cute receiving blanket, burp cloths, and bib out of a cute boyish print and a polka dot. Keep an eye out on the shop, I'll harass you in my posts add more things as they are completed.
  8. I think polka dots might go with everything. Either that or a stripe. 
  9. When you go to a craft show, what do you look for? 
  10. Greg has been so excited this week that dinner has been at a pretty reasonable hour. 
  11. I'm hoping to get some more freezer meals completed this summer. After my original attempt, I never made time in another weekend to do much else besides make some more refried beans and black beans. Homemade refried beans are so easy and cheap. You should try it.
  12. Do you keep lists of previous meal plans? I do because I like to review them when I feel in a cooking rut and see what I haven't made in a while. I found some of the lists (I didn't say I manage to keep them all in one place like I should!) today. So we are having King Ranch Chicken tonight. 
  13. Can you tell there was no official meal plan for this week? I'm winging it. 
Happy Thursday!

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