Wednesday, July 21, 2010

the one where greg's quick thinking and cool head saves the day

Yesterday we were doing a little cleaning up around here. It's Greg's favorite way to spend his vacation. Not!

Anyway ~ I walked into the laundry room to ask him what he wanted me to do with this (showing him) that I found on the kitchen island. Instead of heading towards the kitchen trash, as I should have, I headed across the living room to tackle another project. No sense in making two trips to the trash I guess, right?

That's when I stepped on something sharp and hollered a little cuz it really hurt. Knowing that I had just cleared this area for vacuuming, I couldn't imagine what I had stepped on.

Until ~ I realized ~ I just stepped on one of the NAILS that had slipped out of my hand. Nails ~ three inches long! Upon this realization, I screamed louder.

Then, as I saw that the nail was still in my foot I panicked and screeched and screeched louder and louder. The nail was sticking out of my foot at an angle in the crease between my big toe and my foot. All I could think is, "There is a nail sticking out of my foot!" Greg came running in the room, grabbed me and helped me down to the floor. Sitting. That makes perfect sense. Why didn't I think of that as I was standing on one foot screaming bloody murder?!

Knowing what was coming next, I turned my head away from him, cried, and practiced my child-birthing breathing. He quickly dispatched the kids to get what he needed ~ paper towels and the first aid kit. Somewhere in the middle of all this talking, he yanked the nail out. Holy crap! I'm pretty sure that hurt worse than the initial puncture. I then watched him wrap it ~ although he wisely obscured the actual wound from me. I didn't see it until later in the evening when he took off the wrapping and put on a regular band-aid.

While Greg was wrapping gauzy stuff and white tape around my toe, Heather asked him if he had to learn first aid before he worked in "constructing." He told her no, that Mommy was lucky there was a first aid kit available cuz on the job I'd get a toilet paper and duct tape combo. Classy.

Amazingly? There was very little blood ~ only a few drops.

Now I'm gimping around, favoring my big toe. Not so convenient during grocery shopping today.

Greg later reported that as my screams amped up he wondered what kind of trouble I could have gotten myself into in the 1.5 seconds I had been gone from the laundry room. Hey, it doesn't take long.

Greg figures I owe him $120 for emergency room copays and follow up doctor visit copays since he came to my rescue. I figure I owe him my undying love and affection, plus I'll continue to cook and do his laundry.

Thanks, honey. You're the best!

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Carpool Queen said...

EEK! I can totally see him doing that.

Way to go, Greg!!!!!

And while you're gimpy, milk it for all it's worth.