Thursday, July 1, 2010

thirteen on thursday

  1. First and foremost, let me just say that I can count the days left of school on one hand now. That's right, just three and a half days left. Not that I'm counting.
  2. I went out to eat Mexican food and see Eclipse with some of the girls from work last night. I had a great time. The whole Team Edward or Team Jacob debate? Why do we have to choose sides? I say while we are indulging the nonreality of the movies anyway, we choose to be Team Both. 
  3. I'm way behind on everything ~ crafts I've promised, housework, laundry ~ everything. It always gets this way right before a school break. 
  4. I'm really ready for a break from school. Can I say that enough?
  5. As much as I am anxious for the school year to be over, I am sad that it will be over. These are Stephanie's last days as a "staff kid" at our school. She won't be there bugging me hanging out before and after school. Next year she will move on to the next step in her schooling and will not be coming to school with Heather and me. I am in a panic.
  6. I just added the 13th book I read this year to my list. Twenty-two to go. 
  7. It's getting hot here. Really hot. Every year about this time I wonder why we continue to choose to live in such heat. Ugh! 
  8. I thought I had a lot to say, but have realized that thirteen is a really big number when you apparently have little in your brain worth repeating. It must be the heat!
  9. I had my first rodeo with fondant while making some retirement party cupcakes this week. My hands are still blue and red. I'll share more of that with you later.
  10. It's my turn to bring lunch for the 2nd grade teachers tomorrow. We are having chicken salad (the kind with grapes and almond slivers ~ yum) on croissants, veggies & dip, and fruit pizza. All cool things.
  11. One of my students had his mom specially write me a note inviting me to his baptism this weekend. How can I say no to that!?
  12. Did I mention that school is almost out?
  13. Do you think it's too late to put up our 4th of July decorations around the house? This holiday always sneaks up on me because it's so early in the month ~ so the 4th. Ah, who are we kidding ~ everything sneaks up on me!
Happy Thursday!


    Carpool Queen said...

    I hope you had better luck with your fondant than I did. My kids ended up peeling it off and eating the cake underneath.


    Brad and Leslie said...

    I love it! :) Sorry it took so long to visit your blog again! (This is the comment you were talking about, right?!)