Wednesday, July 28, 2010

up a tree

Did you ever climb a tree as a kid? We lived for a while in a neighborhood with the most awesome trees. Our neighbor had the perfect climbing tree. Every once in a while I'd climb with a book in my teeth so I could read up there. Nerd! I know. 

A couple of weeks ago the kids declared they wanted to climb the ash tree in the front yard. My scaredy-cat-mommy instincts kicked in and I just about broke out in a cold sweat. Luckily Greg was there to approve the activity and give them a boost into the tree because there aren't too many branches low enough for these shorty kids. They were giving each other boosts, but then only one person could be in the tree at a time.

Heather climbed the highest. She was somewhat limited, though, because the tree is still a little immature for major tree climbing.

Stephanie found a spot she liked and pretty much hung out there.

The longer she was in the tree, the more comfortable she was with the idea of it.

Later they made tree house signs ~ warning boys to stay out. Yesterday Greg said their signs were still up in the leafy maze of the tree.

After Greg and I went inside, I think they figured out how to get both of themselves in the tree without any grown up help.

Crazy monkeys!

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Carpool Queen said...

I was an avid tree climber in my elementary school days. Our boarding school had tons of perfect climbing trees and I spent many an afternoon high up in the branches avoiding my chores.