Friday, February 25, 2011

it's been a long time coming

So one day, Kaylene shows me a purse that she bought. She loved the look of it, but didn't like that it didn't have pockets inside or a zipper. But what sold her was the ruffled flower on the front. She told me she thought I should make a purse similar to it.

Some of the other ladies at school oohed and aahed over the purse, telling me they'd love one like that.

The gauntlet had been thrown.

Challenge accepted.

But before I could get started, I had to mull over how the construction would work. Zippers in a pouch ~ sure, I've done that. In a purse? Uh, no. I'd have to research that one. I worked and reworked making this purse in my head before the scissors or needle ever touched fabric.

I decided to practice on a pair of Heather's old jeans with some really pretty new fabrics. I'm loving the contrast of the black, white, and red with the softness of the jeans.

I decided to go all out and learn how to sew a zippered inside pocket as well. There's a fun polka dot surprise inside that pocket.

I added three pockets along the other side of the purse.

I practiced an inset zipper on a purse I made for one of Stephanie's friends for her birthday.  I ran into a problem, though because the tutorial called for four separate panel pieces ~ two for the outer and two for the inner. With the jeans, the outer panels are already sewn together. I didn't want to lose that outside seam with the classic copper top stitching.

So I found another tutorial I could manipulate to fit my needs. The tutorial required taking the zipper completely apart, then reassembling it. No, thanks. I made it work without the disassembly.

I'm pretty pleased with how this cute purse turned out. I have a few ideas how to make the next one easier to sew. I even have an idea or two about different variations for the front.

I'm with Kaylene, I love the ruffly flower on the front!


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