Wednesday, February 16, 2011

tales from the schoolyard

The other day I was explaining something to my students (don't remember the topic) and I said, "unless you are a freak of nature...."

A very sweet boy innocently raised his hand and said, "What is a freak of nature?" All of a sudden I couldn't think of a delicate way to explain it. Everything that came to mind sounded ~ well, freakish.

I should really think before I speak sometimes!

Before the beginning of the year all of our classrooms were equipped with receivers and speakers. We were given microphones on lanyards to use during class. Apparently there's research about using them saving teachers' voices and us being less tired (ha!) and the kids being able to focus and learn better. I have noticed a difference in them between when I am wearing it and when I'm not.

But sometimes I feel like a lounge singer.

Requests anyone?

I'm here all week.

These pictures have nothing to do with my schoolyard stories ~ they are to tease Sharon. Almost done, Sharon, almost done. I don't know what's taking me so long besides the fact that I try to do 57 crafts & home management items at once!


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Anonymous said...

I am super excited to see this project to completion! What a tease you are...A talented tease for sure!! Love Ya :O)