Tuesday, March 17, 2009

a bright spot in dim days

In these dark economic times, it's important to look for the light of hope. Right? One way to combat the demons of rising prices is to use coupons. I try to use coupons whenever I can. Whenever it makes the most money sense. Have you ever wondered how much money you save when you use a coupon? Sure, it's printed on the receipt, and sometimes it seems like such an insignificant amount. But in the long run ~ how much of an impact do coupons have on your overall budget? I don't know either. 

So for the rest of this year, I'm going to keep track of my coupon savings in the side bar. I have my last two grocery receipts, so I'll start there. I'm tracking only coupons ~ not bonus buys. Store generated coupons (printed at the register or sent in the mail) do count. The coupon savings amount is printed at the bottom of the receipt. You try it too!

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