Saturday, March 14, 2009

always a work in progress

We rejoiced last year about this time when we were able to finally plant seed in the back yard.

We hollered even louder when the tiny blades of grass made their first appearances.

But the back yard isn't really done yet. We still have rows of planters waiting for plants. We still have little projects planned here and there. 

But yesterday one of those projects got crossed off the list. We started this herb project a little while ago. We bought the pots, filled them with seed, and watched them grow. They grew and grew. Then over the winter some died.

Yesterday Greg finished building the shelf on which they are supposed to sit. We'll put flowers, or something pretty underneath the shelf. 

He spent hours cutting, staining, and building their new home.

I did not help with this project because I was busy getting my hair "stained" and cut. Heather helped Daddy with this project. She held the boards while he screwed them together. Daddy said she was a good little helper. She alternately helped and rode her bike & scooter ~ all while still in her Halloween-theme pajamas. Hey ~ we rock over here.

Stephanie spent much of the day in bed yesterday with a cough and a fever. Bless her heart.

Now that they have been lifted up, I can see the pots of herbs from the kitchen window, as it was always intended. Now maybe when I am cooking, I won't forget I have fresh herbs in the back yard.

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