Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Mondays are long days. First there's school/work. The kids have about half an hour to work on homework and have a snack before they are whisked off to dance class for three hours. They typically use the 30-40 minute car ride to nap. We get home at 8:30. Yes, long day.

Dinner on Monday's can be tricky. By the time we get home, there's not much time to make anything. The solution? Hamburger Helper was our helper for a while. Blech! Greg was in charge of making it ~ having it ready for us when we got home. Then everyone complained about having it so often (don't blame them). What's almost the same as browning ground beef for HH? Browning ground beef for tacos! So that was added to our list. Oh, and let's not forget chili dogs.

This week's Monday night was a mess. I didn't go grocery shopping this weekend. I had been summoned for possible jury duty today. You can't call until after 6 pm the night before, though, to find out if they do need you and what time to go. Once I got called for jury duty & spent hours making sub plans only to find out that I was not needed. Now I do those sub plans after I call the day before. So, it was likely that I was going to have to go back to school at 8:30 to write sub plans and get things together.

So I called the jury duty hot line thingy and found out that my badge number (so official) was not needed today, but I would be receiving another summons at a later date. This made life easier, but what about dinner? On the way home Greg asked what was for dinner. I told him it was probably potluck because Stephanie asked for cereal. On the drive home I was STARVING! My stomach was starting to have that feed me or pass out feeling. I wasn't thrilled about the prospect of cereal for dinner.

When we pulled in the garage I smelled something delicious. I was thinking my neighbor was trying a new recipe. She's a non-cook and trying to change her ways. I walked to the mailbox and back and was tortured by the lovely aroma. I nearly knocked on her door and invited myself for dinner. Good thing I didn't, though, because as I walked in my own house the aroma became stronger. What? Greg made beef stroganoff for us ~ his specialty. This is the only meal he makes that does not involve ground beef or questionable meat products. This is his forte.

He went shopping after work. He made rolls from the freezer that have to rise. He baked a pie (with a little help from his friend Sara ~ Lee that is). He bought celery, which is the only item that made it on the list so far from last week. He said if the list had had more on it, he would have bought that too.

So, we sang praises to Daddy as we ate our weight in beef stroganoff, rolls, green beans, corn, and apple pie a la mode. Afterwards we rolled our tired selves to bed. I'm still a little full.


Danny and Paulette said...

YAY for Greg. I'll bet he gets to take an extra nap or two this week, due to his kindness and thoughtfulness.

FEDEX DAVE said...

Greg thats a good deed, I wouldnt say GREAT though. Okay, you see Greg gets off of work everyday at FEDEX around 1430 and goes home lays on his big belly on the couch and sleeps until the family come s home. This gives him ample time to shop and cook for his family EVERYDAY. Andrea, you have got him spoiled. Its time you lay out some demands. I dont want to hear how early he gets up either WAH WAHH WAHHH!!! From this day forward Dr.Dave would like to see more culinary efforts from you Mister!!!

Hopefull said...

he wins the cool husband of the week!