Friday, March 6, 2009

taking a nap vs. going back to bed

Tuesday was the first day of my track break. When Greg came home that afternoon he very accusingly asked me if I had taken a nap.

Me: Define nap.

Greg: Anytime your eyes are closed and you are not conscious.

Me: Then, yes, I took a nap. At 5:00.

Greg: (looking at the clock) It's not even 5:00 yet.

Me: 5:00 AM

You all know that I get up with Greg at 4:15 and totally whine about it to make his breakfast & lunch and send him out the door. Yes, I am aware of the feminist movement. Yes, he realizes he's spoiled. Yes, when the boys at work find out they are quite jealous and want me to call their wives. Yes, when the girls at my work find out they order me not to tell their husbands.

Anyway. While I am working, I stay up and use the hour before I have to start getting ready to do dishes, read, do crafts, read blogs, etc. When I am not working I stay up half of the time and go back to bed nap half of the time. The thing is that when I take that early morning nap I end up sleeping too long. How could that be, you say? If I sleep more than 8 hours at a time I'm groggy & achy for much of the day. I don't want to do much else than sleep or sit on the couch all day. I can totally get by with 6-7 hours sleep. Eight hours at one time is a maximum. So, generally it's just better if I stay up.

Greg told me later that the 5:00 AM could just be considered going back to bed. 

But how much time has to pass before going back to bed becomes just a nap? Cuz this morning I either went back to bed, or took a 6:00 nap. After I'd been up a little while I decided I wasn't ready to be up after all.

Then this snuggly little monkey comes to get warmed up. She's always up before Stephanie. She's an early riser.

Stephanie is not an early riser. Freight trains and earthquakes do not wake this child up. She will sleep 12 hours if given the chance. 

Let's back that picture up a little:

We have plenty of beds in this house. Still, they sometimes choose to create make-shift "living rooms" in their rooms and camp out. 

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