Monday, March 23, 2009

a coach for the lady

The kids were having a grape snack this weekend.

Heather shows me this pumpkin, I mean grape. Pretty cool, huh?

She asked me to take a picture of it and put it on my blog. She knows how amazing and exciting reading material this will be for all of you. That girl knows good stuff when she sees it.

In other news, we had FedEx Dave and his daughter over for lunch yesterday. Our front entry tile had a whole bunch of black shoe prints from the kids tromping their filthy feet inside while playing outside. It was very important, afterall, that they come skidding into the house with their fake crocs on to get money for the ice cream man. Those things leave horrible shoe prints. I didn't want to mop it ~ I'm lazy ~ and since it was their mess, I decided they could clean it up. I gave them each a wet rag and told them to clean each and every square of tile. Down on their hands and knees, Stephanie proclaimed she felt like Cinderella. I wonder if this grape will get her to the ball on time.

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Fedex Dave said...

Hi friends, visiting yeaterday was a pleasure and the food was great too. Rachael enjoyed herdelf with the girls, didnt have much to say about the adults though. When we left, we didnt get a block away and she began to plan the next visit (The girl never stops thinking, like her DAD). Anyway, We both want to say send out a BIG THANK YOU...