Friday, June 26, 2009

remember when your mama used to cut your hair?

I used to hate it when my mom cut my hair. It took so long. It always ended up short ~ sorta Dorothy Hamill. I know you know what I'm talking about! Plus I got in trouble for raising my eyebrows when she cut my bangs. Take a minute to think about how cute I must have looked after that!

The kids usually get to go to the salon for their hair cuts. But I was thinking I could just do it myself. I've done it once before. And before they decided to grow out their bangs I cut their bangs frequently.

Then I was thinking even more (dangerous levels of thinking going on here) and decided that I can do it on the back patio, then sweep the hair into the grass. Less mess. I informed Greg of my brilliant plan and he suggested just cutting it IN the grass. Crap! Why didn't I think of that? My plan was to do it as the sun was setting, so it wouldn't be super hot & sunny. For weeks now, that hasn't worked out for me. Not willing to wait any longer, I got the kids up super early this morning to give them hair cuts before Papa came to collect them for a sleep over.

I woke Heather up at 6:15. I know, cruel and unusual punishment.

When I told her to wake up so I could cut her hair, she was actually quite willing.

After giving her mom just a little sass she told me it was okay with her if I cut her hair all the time. Why? To save money and to take pictures of her for the blog she told me. Plus she was enamoured by the idea that the birds may use her hair for their next.

Heather's cut turned out to be pretty easy. Whew! Cuz the last time I cut all of their hair it took forever.

Stephanie was decidedly less thrilled about getting up so early.

She wanted to know why I didn't just take them to the salon. Because I'm your mother and my main job is to torture you. It's been happening for generations all over the world, why stop now?

There we go ~ a little bit better attitude.

Stephanie's took a little longer, but still seemed so much easier than the last time.

We ended up on the patio & not the grass because I couldn't remember if the sprinklers were supposed to come on one more time or not.

So maybe they didn't get a fancy wash with a little bit of a scalp massage. But when else do you get to have your hair cut in your jammies while the birds sing and you watch the sun come up over the mountain? Oh, and then there's the hug and the kiss from the hair dresser after the cut!

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Amber said...

Oh. The mom haircut. I know it well. MY MOM TOOK FOREVER. Seriously. I think she just finished yesterday the job she started when I was 6. Ugh.

I don't touch my boys' hair with a 10 ft. pole. Everyone keeps telling me that I need to try it, but I just.can' Because it wouldn't be pretty. And I know this because, well, I just do.
So...I pony up and shell out the $33 at the barber.

You did a great job though. WOO HOO! Your girls are beautiful!!!