Monday, June 15, 2009

wipe out - an update

Remember the story about Mr. Strange and his wipe out?

Right. I feel like I owe it to Mr. Strange to provide a public explanation.

Because what either you or I thought happened, did not.

This past week during a bathroom break he came up to me and said it again. Again! At first I just told him to go on into the bathroom. But then...curiosity got the best of me & I stopped him. I noticed he put his hand up to his head when he said it. I asked him what he meant by "wipe out." Then he explained to me, the very best he could, what he meant. Basically, he wasn't paying attention and "blanked" on whether it was his turn or not. It was his brain that had the wipe out.

In other Mr. Strange news, he also said to me last week, "Mrs. Robinson, something very weird is in my head."

Yes, yes, I know it is.

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