Saturday, June 6, 2009

still tryin' it out

Last year we had some successes in the garden. Some not. This year we are trying again.

We grew roma tomatoes last year. They were delicious but with only one plant, we didn't get very many. This year we planted a beef steak. This week a few of them were ready. Also, one of my students brought me a tomato and zucchini from her garden. So the kids and I had a taste off with the tomatoes. Both were good, so good. Much better than what you get in the store. But Katie's were sweeter. I told her mom this and she told me she uses celebrity variety. We're trying that one next year!

The bottom three tiers of planters are still without plants ~ we will fill them in slowly. So Greg decided to plant several test gardens this summer. We planted corn and pumpkins in our regular garden last year. The pumpkins actually grew some pumpkins for once, but they didn't fully mature and something got to them. The corn was nice and sweet, but very puny. Greg planted corn and pumpkin in the lowest tier on each side of the island just to see how his garden would grow.

Both the corn and the pumpkin on one side of the island are going to town. The other side of the island is doing well, except where it receives lots of shade from a tree. The actual garden area where the tomatoes are thriving? Not so well. The tiers get a lot more direct sunlight. We're thinking this is the reason they seem to be doing so well.

Right now we have the corn fields out in the back 40, hoping for a good crop! It's making such a lush, green backdrop for when I make the kids pose for pictures.


Fedex Dave said...

You have my VOTE, Amish Family of the year, GO CLEAVERS!!!

Hopefull said...

Yeah for the success of your garden! It so hit and miss for me.. I get all giddy when something is really growing and we have veg for more than one dinner!