Wednesday, June 3, 2009


When we are in public, people ask all the time if Stephanie and Heather are twins. More so, if they are sitting ~ which makes them closer to the same height. Greg says that it doesn't help that I dress them the same.

They still like to coordinate their outfits. They don't mind being *twins* with each other. Normally, they prefer it. Sometimes when we are picking out clothes in a store they both pick the same thing. I will remind one that her sister just picked out the same thing and they will be the same. "That's ok," they always say.

Fine by me. I think it's cute when they dress alike. Normally they have the same outfit, but different color or pattern. Like this one. I finally finished Heather's outfit. I finished Stephanie's earlier. No you don't need to know when. Ok fine, it was last summer. Thank goodness it still fits.

Originally I was going to make Stephanie's, then use one size smaller to make Heather's. But ended up making Heather's the same size as Stephanie's since, you know, a whole year has passed.

I bought some new patterns and fabric for the girls a few weeks ago. Hopefully I will make the cute summer shirts in a timely manner.

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Liz said...

So cute! And I really love those outfits! Good job!