Friday, August 7, 2009

kick up your heels

Pardon me while a kick up my heels for just a moment! Come on you can you it too!

Today is the last day of school! Students have a half day, then it's moving day for those of us who have to move classrooms.

I don't know who is more thrilled ~ me or my students. Like at the end of a very looong road trip, we have officially spent too much time together now. They are weary of me and they are flicking ever so violently on my last nerve. It's time to break up.

Stephanie and Heather are having bittersweet emotions. They are so excited about their upcoming new school year ~ 2nd and 5th grade (It makes me weak in the knees to think about how quickly they are growing up.) But they adore their teachers this year and are sad to leave them.

So if you hear loud whooping and hollering across these United States about noontime, it's just us teachers letting off a little steam!


Emily said...

Hooray! Are you in a year round school?

Amber said...

I'm still trying to figure out which side of the coin I fall on with the whole year round school thing. I'm sure parts of it are groovy...but then other parts must stink.

Anyway....CONGRATULATIONS!!! Nothing beats the last day of school.