Monday, August 17, 2009

school dreams

For as long as I can remember, I have had school dreams before the start of a new school year. When I was a kid or in college, these dreams consisted of not finding the right class, not being dressed properly, not having the right supplies. Any mishap that might happen on the first day of school entered my dreams.

I still have school dreams. Except now they involve not having a ready classroom or forgetting to pick up the students on the first day of class.

One dream in particular from several years ago is still very vivid in my mind. In this dream I was exiled to a portable. A tornado or other fierce wind had taken away the walls in one half of the room. The floor was the kind of floor in a bounce house and I was having quite a time getting the desks to stay still. Moving boxes were still everywhere. All this on the first day of school! While I was still frantically trying to right the wrongs, my principal came to my door with my students. At this time I was teaching 4th grade, so there were lots of them. She told me I forgot to get them. She was not happy with that. Then she saw the shambles of a room and said to me in a not-so-nice voice, "We'll talk later." and marched off. I woke up from that one in a cold sweat!

Fortunately none of the misadventures in my dreams have ever come close to coming true.

I did not sleep well last night.

School dreams.

Sweet dreams to you.

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