Tuesday, August 4, 2009

reason #57 the dishes didn't get done last night

Sunday, Suzanne was able to bring Aiden home from the hospital. The kids and I planned on making a quick visit after school shopping. Hm. Best laid plans....and slowpoke shopping.

So, yesterday after school we headed over to see the little guy.

Oh, little is right. He came home from the hospital weighing 4 lbs. 11 oz. So very tiny. He's so stinking sweet. I hogged him for a long time before I let the kids have their turn. I love that my kids are big enough now that I don't have to hover over them when they hold a baby for fear of them dropping one. In fact they sit really still and coo at the babies they hold.

Although, Heather has been known to get outraged that I won't let her walk around with a baby. I have limits, you know.

They were amazed at how giant they seem compared to him. Stephanie was comparing foot sizes.

Heather compared hand sizes.

It looks like he's having a screaming fit in these pictures, but he wasn't. He was just stretching and gurgling and making general baby noises and faces. He waited to cry until they got up and left him.

I told Greg I'd stay about an hour. We ended up staying a little over two. Suzanne and I were having such a nice time talking. I miss having her at work. She's been on track break since I have come back from mine. Now she'll be out quite a while. The kids and I were having such a nice time snuggling a baby. I guess we'll just have to visit again soon!


Carpoolqueen said...

This picture made my smile. My boys all came home from the hospital at 4 and a half pounds. Seeing that little baby brought back some sweet memories.

Amber said...

I was able to snuggle a little baby the other day and get my baby-fix. The husband is greatful for those.