Sunday, August 9, 2009

until we meet again

The week before last Heather's class had their turn at conducting the flag ceremony. They were the last class of the year. So they got their western duds on and sang Happy Trails. So very fitting. And so dang adorable too.

Honor Guard, advance.
Honor Guard, please post the colors.

Heather's teacher asked the kids which lines they wanted. She picked these. At first I was a little perplexed as to why she picked the simplest lines. Didn't she want to do the pledge? That's long! Then it dawned on me that these lines command attention and respect. They are two of the most ceremonious lines in the whole flaggy spiel. Heather picked perfect lines.

She spoke clearly and not too fast. After the flag portion of the ceremony, they sang their Happy Trails song complete with cute little movements.

It was hot, Africa hot (what movie?) and a little humid. I got all teary eyed while watching Heather. Between the humidity and tears I fogged up my sunglasses and could barely see to take pictures anymore. I'm so proud of the girls that I get choked up whenever the perform, get an award, or whatever. I can barely make it through dance recitals without bawling.

Heather loves Mrs. C! This has been a wonderful first grade year for her. On the last day of school Heather was sobbing after school because she wouldn't be in her class anymore. I reminded Heather that she is lucky enough to be at school before and after school with all the teachers, so she will still get to see her plenty. That seemed to be no consolation.

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Biloxi Blues (1988)

Eugene Morris Jerome: Man it's hot. It's like Africa hot. Tarzan couldn't take this kind of hot.

What did I win mommy?