Monday, August 3, 2009

retail marathon

Remember on Saturday we had the much enjoyed dreaded Great Try On? Well, as promised, I took the kids shopping for school clothes on Sunday.

We got a little later start than I wanted, but 10:30 on a Sunday is good. Right? Everyone was excited to go.

Even the mommy who is so dang geeky she loves the beginning of the school year! Most parents love it because they are sending their littles to school and get a free moment to themselves. I just love it because it's so cool.

Oh, and Oprah says every girl needs a fan during pictures. Turn the A/C on high while taking a photo of yourself and you're good.

Still in good spirits at the first store! We went to three stores for clothes. I threw in two stops to teacher supply stores. The kids don't mind those at all. All in all it was a good day. I got frustrated in the dressing rooms at the amount of goofing off that went on. But hey, trying on new clothes really does deserve a dance or a catwalk prance. Doesn't it? Too bad for the kids that I try to hurry them along so we don't have to spend the night in the store.

As it was we dragged our tired selves home at 9:00.

So sorry. No cameras in the dressing room.

Put that thing away!

When Greg and I were discussing his attendance for this grand adventure, he said he'd rather stay home and pull his teeth out one by one. He did not go. Good thing. He would not have lasted. Some boys just aren't made for the retail marathon we had yesterday.

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Amber said...

Just imagine having only boys to shop for.

I'd rather stay home and pull my teeth out one by one.