Thursday, October 29, 2009

27 down ~ 5 to go

In this post in January, I told you how I was a total overachiever and surpassed by 2008 reading goal. My goal was 24 books & I read 27. I also told you that I allowed my students to help me set my reading goal for 2009. Somehow I let short people commit me to a goal of 32 books for this year.

I just finished another one ~ The Time Traveler's Wife. Very good book. I totally fell of the book wagon with this one. I gave in to my impatience and bought it at Target instead of reserving it at the library. If you want to borrow it, let me know.

Now I'm at 27 books for 2009.

5 more to go.

The downfall to achieving a goal like this? You know for 2010 I'll have to up the ante.


Amber said...

I want to read that book!! BUT. I've already seen the I usually can't go backwards. But, I've heard the book is SO much better than the movie (which is ALWAYS the case!) maybe I'll try.

Wow! Congrats on the book goals. That's good stuff!! You can do it!!

Danny and Paulette said...

Wow, you read fast. I read a lot, but spend just as much time watching TV. In case you haven't read the copy of FRANKENSTEIN I gave you, maybe you could put that on the list of books for 2010. Unless you're too scared!!!
(that's supposed to be my HALLOWEEN/DRACULA laugh)