Friday, October 16, 2009


Yesterday I was helping Stephanie think through a math word problem. The question at the end of the problem was a little vague with the intention of making the student think a little. The problem talked about bags of coffee. Twelve bags can fit in a small box. Fifty bags can fit in a large box. So-n-So has 10 small boxes of coffee & wants to move it into big boxes. Basically the question asked what combination of boxes he'd need.

Stephanie: (huffy and very serious) Why doesn't he just leave it in the small boxes?!

Me: Well, then there wouldn't be a math problem, now would there?

When I told Greg he nodded his head in whole-hearted agreement with Stephanie. I told him that I knew he'd feel the same way because she sounded just like him when she said it!

Apparently Stephanie needs a little more back-story about why moving the bags of coffee is necessary in the first place for this to warrant her energy.

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Amber said...


This is why I don't do Math.