Monday, October 19, 2009

camping - but not in the backyard

The last two weekends we spent sleeping in the tent were not just for the heck of it. We were doing a little *field* research for our real camp adventure we had planned for this past weekend. The last time we went camping, we froze our tushies off. We needed to know which bedding was the most effective, yet wouldn't take up much room. It was important that we not freeze this time or I'd have to shred the tent.

Here we are at the beginning of the adventure. All bright and shiny.

Suzanne, Dustin, and Aiden joined us for part of our adventure. They came with us for a little light hiking, but no tent sleeping. Chickens!

Dustin misread the brochure and thought he was making his daddy-with-baby supermodel debut.

See that water behind us? Yes, that's where we were headed. Let me tell you this took courage and took me far outside my comfort zone.

There was a fair amount of rock holding.

And a lot of concentrating at times.

Notice the absence of the kids at this point. They went with Suzanne and Dustin after the last family picture. I'll tell you about that a little later. This post is just the prelude to the big story. And the scenery is much better than me walking across the river. I have to wade through Greg's pictures to pick some really great ones. He took a million and a half. Which was another point to this whole adventure.

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Carpool Queen said...

That's hiking FOR REALZ!!! You rock. I don't do squishy wet feet in tennis shoes, but I admire you for doing it. Can't wait to hear more.