Sunday, October 4, 2009

backyard campsite

We decided to get out the tent ~ air it out ~ and have a little backyard camp out last night. The last time this tent has seen the light of day was when Stephanie was about a year and a half old. We had a little bit of a bad experience that time. The tent has been banished to the upper reaches of the garage ever since.

When we set it up we only had two extra pieces that we didn't know what to do with. Hmm. Where are those instructions? Maybe those pieces were optional.

We had hamburgers, sweet potato fries, and pork-n-beans for dinner ~ but not inside the tent. Very campy. Greg made fun of me for making *mom burgers.* Do you know what those are?

When we were ready to tent up for the night we really roughed it. Greg and I read by the glow of the backyard floodlights while the kids watched a movie on their portable DVD player.

I know.

Just call us Daniel Boone.

Someone in the near vicinity was having a fiesta. And quite a fiesta they were having too because the mariachi music floated on the wind to our back yard. We didn't mind so much at 10 when we were still reading & movie watching. We even didn't mind when it seemed like they were playing the same song over and over and over again. The same song, except when they let the lady sing who sang like the cat being stepped on. Even after lights out, we figured they'd stop at 11. There are ordinances, you know.

12 o'clock ~ still rockin'.

1 o'clock ~ still rockin'.

Apparently at some point after that ~ and maybe some in between ~ I fell asleep.

Of course, falling asleep was made even tougher by the wind howling. A couple of times I thought be might be joining Dorothy in Oz. When I shuffled inside in the middle of the night to use the awesome facilities I was tempted to camp out in my own bed.

Morning came and we were all in one piece. We managed to hold the tent down and get a little sleep. See? We didn't need those pieces after all.

The kids? I think they slept like rocks. And when we weren't off spending $50 at the quick care today because we thought Heather had strep throat, the kids played in the tent all day. Heather, thankfully, does not have strep throat.

Greg told the kids he'd set up the tent again next weekend.

Welcome to Camp Robinson.


Carpool Queen said...

My kids are BEGGING to go camping. Maybe I'll just get a tent and pitch it in the back.

Amber said...


I love backyard camping trips...mainly because you can use your own potty.

Y'all are the most fun!!