Sunday, October 25, 2009

halloween sneak peak

Last year, I was finishing the last seams on Heather's Halloween costume with tears streaming down my face as the sun went down. That seems like just yesterday. The stress of it all is just so fresh.

This year, I declared a costume strike. With guilt in my heart, I told the kids I was not sewing any costumes this year. We'd just have to buy them. I almost took back the strike about a hundred times. Each time I almost uttered the words, "Ok, I'll make you something" the horror of the last minute last year slapped me silly. I need one more year to recuperate from that trauma.

Yesterday was the craft fair at Greg's grandma's community center. My goal was to get rich make enough for Halloween costumes and Christmas shopping. So, Halloween costumes it is!

We went to the overpriced Halloween store today to find this year's masquerade. Except that they didn't have what Heather really wanted, these costumes were virtually stress free. I made big promises in the middle of that store that next year I'd make her whatever she wants.

Here's a little peak.

Trick or Treat!


Carpool Queen said...

You're good - I'm buying a six shooter at Kroger and making a tin foil badge. I threw my kids to the wolves this year and told them now that they were 10, they were responsible for their own costumes.

You can imagine the howls of protest....

Amber said...

Ugh. Halloween.

I despise the holiday and am hoping that the kids will somehow just "forget" about it.

Come Saturday, we'll be scrounging for something in the dress-up cabinet.

But...good for you! I wish I cared more. Just don't.