Wednesday, October 14, 2009

mine, all mine

I got a little bit pissy Saturday after the craft sale and decided to make something for myself.

I don't make too many things for just myself. My kids will tell you that I don't make enough for them either, but they lie. So I worked on this shopping bag. I have reusable grocery bags and my beloved reusable Target bags, but I thought I needed something a little more lovely for other shopping times.

Maybe I will just use it when I am carting miscellaneous stuff to and from school ~ like when I need to take apples, a knife, and a cutting board to school so the kids can have an apple tasting and decide which variety they like best. (Hands down it's Granny Smith every year, by the way.)

Whatever I decide to use it for it's mine, all mine. I used the pattern for the Jane Market Bag by Alicia Paulson. My version has a few forced modifications because the lady at my favorite quilt store cut my half yard at 16" instead of 18" and I didn't realize it until it was too late to turn it around the other way. So my bag is two inches shorter than it should be. Plus I decided not to cut into that fourth fabric for the straps, so I used what I had left over from the brown flowers. My straps are shorter than they are supposed to be. But hey, I can improvise with only a little grumbling on my part.

See how roomy inside?

I love this fabric. It's so modern, but so retro at the same time. The owl fabric that I bought with these didn't make it into the bag. Hmm...maybe I'll have to make another.


Carpool Queen said...

So jealous of your mad crafting skilz.

Amber said...


I needs me one of those.

Just because I do.

Next time you get pissy, make your good buddy Amber one!