Thursday, January 6, 2011

he gets me

My relationship with bananas is not an unconditional one. I l.o.v.e. banana cream pie. I enjoy a banana split very much. Banana bread? Yum! (Hmm...I see sugar as a recurring theme here.)

And in the past even though it always seemed like a good idea, actually eating one by itself just about never happened. Somehow they creeped me out a little. Then a few years ago at a staff development, the bananas on the fruit tray beckoned to me and I gave in. I started eating bananas on a semi-regular basis. 


Remember, I love only conditionally where the banana is concerned. I can only eat them if they have just barely turned yellow. A little green on the ends is a good thing. If they are smooshy or the least bit brown, forget it. The smell of a very ripe banana (unless it's about to go into banana bread batter) turns my stomach. When I eat them at school I don't throw the peel away in my trash can ~ I take it somewhere else.

I know. I have issues!

Bananas were on the grocery list this week. Greg brought home these nearly all green ones. They were a little too green to eat on Tuesday. But today, so perfect. By Saturday, I will have little to nothing to do with them, probably. Fortunately, the kids never let a few brown spots get in their way and will still eat them.

He totally gets me.


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