Friday, January 28, 2011

tales of middle school

Last night, Stephanie was ranting to us about a girl in her band class who apparently annoys her.

Just a little.

First, she started describing her appearance. From the sounds of it, this chick has what amounts to hair sculpture. Her parents must buy hairspray by the vat.

Just sayin'.

As her voice got a little louder with excitement, Stephanie told us how Girl-with-Sculptured-Hair is disrespectful and rude to the band teacher in both mannerisms and sassy mouth. Stephanie provided us with a full demonstration of this unsavory behavior for our amusement.

Then, as if that weren't enough, she seemed most appalled that the girl can't bother to use "proper verb tense"!

That's right ~ that's what she said.

This grammar snobbery just came from the tween who still tries to use the word brang. {shudder!}

I have never been more proud!


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